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Client Testimonials

“An Atty. that Explains & Goes Beyond to Take Care of His Clients. I recommend Atty. Yolles, for your legal service. If you want someone to work on your behalf and explain the specifics of your case. This is your guy. He provided me with the best service and worked late hours to get it done. He's an awesome attorney with impeccable skills and knowledge to win any case. Thank you, Attorney Monty Yolles”

– Cindy S.

“What an exceptionally nice guy. I only consulted Monty on the phone for my traffic case: he said I would be fine defending myself and that I didn't need him, and he was right. I was unsure because it was my first time in any courtroom. He talked through strategy clearly and I felt confident going in. He then refused to take any payment and I had to insist. It's amazing there are such lawyers around in this day and age. Highly recommend him.”

– A Satisfied Client

“Excellent attorney; highly recommend. Six months after being involved in an auto accident, I had already been to several doctors and physical therapy and the bills were being paid by the other party's insurance. However, I was inundated with paperwork from several sources (doctors, my health insurance, the insurance covering the accident) and the insurance company kept calling me. I needed an attorney, but didn't know one. I had interviewed other lawyers who were suboptimal and dismissive, so by the time I got to Monty, I was highly frustrated and distrustful of anything a lawyer had to say. Monty returned my call the evening of the same day I left a message at his office. From the initial phone call, he was professional, courteous, knowledgeable and treated me with respect. In addition, he had a great sense of humor. I was instantly at ease. I was able to get an initial discussion within a few days (due to my schedule demands) and he clearly laid out the information I needed to provide him and set my expectations for that discussion. He asked good clarifying questions so that by the end of our discussion, he was able to provide me with a solid assessment based on his knowledge of and experience with the people and companies involved. I was relieved to find an attorney with whom I could have a mutually respectful working relationship and left our meeting that day feeling a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. And left the stack of paperwork with him! During the entire process of negotiating a settlement with the insurance company, Monty was excellent at keeping me informed along the way. To start, we had weekly touchpoints; the frequency increasing as the matter progressed to a final solution. He gave me all the facts, good and bad, and his recommendations. He was always clear that the decisions were ultimately mine as the client and that he would support and represent my decision. He was also great at answering my questions - never short or unprofessional. And I'm a detail person, so I had a lot of questions! I'm also not the type to make instant decisions, I have to process the information. Monty allowed me the time to process and was clear on the timeline by when he'd need a response. Ultimately, the settlement with the insurance company was finalized the day of court without needing to go in front of the judge. The overall experience was very easy from my perspective and exceeded my expectations. Monty and his staff are very knowledgeable of the Maryland legal system and I would highly recommend him.”

– Teresa

“Felt very confident with Monty handling my case. Monty was very knowledgeable with handling my case. His staff is wonderful. He helped me be very prepared for court and felt very comfortable.”

– Susan

“Exceptional Attorney. Competent, caring, personable and accomodating are key words that come to mind in describing Monty and the Yolles Legal Group. Explained the process thoroughly and handled medical legal matters superbly. All phone calls/queries were answered in a timely manner. My settlement exceeded my expectations and would refer anyone who has been in a motorcycle accident, as well as auto, to Monty Yolles.”

– Cathy

“I was the victim of a terrible auto accident resulting in a broken neck. Mr. Yolles was recommended to us by a personal friend who is also an attorney. I was the victim of a car accident that broke my neck. Mr. Yolles and his excellent staff were always available to us through the entire ordeal He navigated us through insurance companies,hospital paperwork and bills , all that is involved with a complicated case such was mine. It was very reassuring having him in our corner until the end. The case is now settled, but Mr. Yolles has advised us to call him first if anything unexpected should arise in the future . I woud highly recommend Mr. Yolles and his team.”

– Terry

“A good ending to a really bad experience. Monty represented me in a near fatal car accident case. My car was totalled and I ended up requiring two neurosurgeries and being out of work for six months. He kept me informed in every step of the process and the end result was a substantial monetary settlement in much less time than I ever expected. He made this as painless as I believe is possible.”

– Bill

“Monty went beyond normal lawyers. He resolved my case extremely well. He always had my best interests at heart. He truly treats his clients well. Thanks again Monty. You were awesome”

– Bryan T.

“Monty Yolles is the only lawyer I refer my Maryland auto accident and motorcycle accident cases to. He is hones, hardworking and gets results. I've known him for over ten years.”

– Jason W.

“Excellent Monty yolles is great. very knowledgeable an jen is always following up with any of your needs. Wonderful law firm.”

– Chris P.

“Monty is the man! He made my suspension look easy to solve. After 4 years of battling on my own, he sorted my case with an outstanding efficiency! Needless to say, I highly recommend him and his team for their professionalism and sympathy. I owe him huge favor!”

– Quentin B.

“Highly recommend Monty and his team! He makes you feel comfortable and like family. The more you get to know the Yolles team, the more you see how professional, well connected and genuine the experience is. I have sent all of my family and friends that need legal advice to Monty first!”

– Gadi

“Honesty, Integrity, Transparency, Partnership, With Yolles legal group I got this and more. My husband and I were always treated first class and like family. Monty is a beacon of hope to my husband & I at a time when our options appeared limited and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed nigh on impossible. Not only was he able to defend us in many different cases his calm and empathetic demeanor offered emotional succor to myself and my husband which I care about most. My husband and I are eternally grateful for his service.”

– Shruthi B.

“I worked as an interpreter for Mr. Yolles and was very impressed about his work ethics, demeanor and most importantly, how well he treats his clients. He is a great attorney. I highly recommend him.”

– MG G.

“Monty is a great guy to have on your side”

– Reese L

“Solid can't go wrong”

– Richard X.

“Best lawyer ever”

– SE E.

“I work at Progressive Insurance as an injury adjuster. Working with Monty Yolles has been great!!! He responded quickly to my calls and emails and he's reasonable! I see why clients go to him for representation! I look forward to working with him on my next claim. It was a pleasure!!!!!”

– Andre P.
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