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Slip And Falls

Nurse assisting elderly man to stand up after Slip And Falls - The Yolles Legal GroupIf you’ve ever suffered from a slip and fall accident, then you know how hard recovery can be. You’re very limited in what kinds of activities you can do as you heal. For a little while, you may be dependent on someone else.

People often seek legal recourse to recover damages. Hiring a slip and fall injury compensation lawyer can help you get the justice you need. The Yolles Legal Group has the experience and compassion to guide you on your case.

In order to receive the compensation you deserve, it is essential to understand these kinds of falls, how they come about, and the rules for filing for damages. Our experience as slip and fall liability lawyers can help you through the litigation process.

What Is Premise Liability In A Maryland Slip And Fall?

There are specific duties and responsibilities the owner or occupier of a premise takes on to ensure visitors’ safety. While an owner is not a guarantor or an insurer of somebody’s safety, owners still have certain obligations when people come onto their property.

A breach of these obligations can lead to a lawsuit. Typically, slip and fall liability lawyers will examine the premises liability of the location where the accident occurred.

A slip and fall lawyer would be looking for evidence that the owner or occupier of a property has not fulfilled their responsibilities, which has led to an accident. Action or inaction on behalf of the owner can be considered faulty or negligent behavior.

Owners can be liable for some or all of the damages you’ve sustained as a result of a breach of responsibilities.

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What Are The Most Common Causes Of Slip And Falls Or Trip And Fall Accidents In Maryland?

Falls can happen for any number of reasons. Still, in order for one to be considered a slip and fall injury worthy of filing a personal injury claim, there must be an aspect of negligence on behalf of the person or company in charge of the area.

Broadly, the causes can be divided into slips and trips. Slips are usually caused by a slippery surface, while an uneven surface usually causes trips.

Anytime you fall as a result of something in the environment that was the responsibility of the property owner to maintain or manage, you might be eligible to file a claim for premise liability compensation.

What Are The Most Common Types Of Injuries In Slip And Fall Accidents?

Injuries vary and can cover a wide range from mild to extremely serious or life-threatening injuries. The severity of a slip and fall injury depends on the age, physical health, and cause of the fall.

Slip and fall injuries range from sprains and twisted ankles to broken bones or torn tendons. Upper body injuries from trying to catch yourself included fractured wrists and broken arms.

Head injuries, however, are usually the most dangerous and are also very common. If somebody slips and hits their head against a hard surface, a floor, or a sidewalk, they could have a concussion or even worse.

Medical care for these types of injuries can become very expensive. It is essential to speak with your slip and fall injury compensation lawyer regarding damages.

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