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Insurance In A MD Personal Injury Claim

The following article covers:

  • Reasons for going through your own insurance company even if you’re not at fault in an accident.
  • Options for paying medical bills while waiting for a settlement in a personal injury case.
  • Receiving letters from insurance companies or Medicare and how an attorney can help with the reimbursement process.

Why Should I Go Through My Own Insurance Company If I’m Not At Fault?

Insurance In A MD Personal Injury Claim Lawyer, Gaithersburg, MDIf the other driver’s insurance company is taking too long to accept responsibility for the damages, you may need to involve your own insurance company to get your car repaired and avoid incurring additional costs like storage fees.

By taking control of the claim, you can ensure that your car is fixed promptly and on your schedule, rather than waiting for the other insurance company to make a decision. Additionally, if you have rental car coverage under your own policy, using your own insurance can help you get into a rental car sooner and keep your life moving forward after the accident.

For injuries and lost income, using your own insurance may also be helpful and/or necessary. Using your own PIP (personal injury protection) or Med Pay coverage can help cover medical expenses. If you’re unable to work due to your injuries, you may have lost income that needs to be replaced. PIP can pay for lost wages and help keep your finances stable.

How Do I Pay For My Medical Bills While I Wait For A Settlement In My Personal Injury Case?

When it comes to paying for medical bills while waiting for a settlement in a personal injury case, there are a few options available to you. Depending on the circumstances, some of your medical bills may have been covered by PIP or Med Pay, which are coverages that you may have under your own policy.

If you have health insurance, this can also provide a safety net for you and pay medical expenses. However, it’s important to note that health insurance may have a subrogation claim, which means they may be entitled to be paid back for related medical expenses it pays. Medicare will almost always be entitled to get paid back for any expenses it pays.

If your PIP is exhausted or you don’t have PIP or health insurance, you can still receive medical treatment by working with an attorney who will protect the doctor’s bill and make sure it’s paid out of any recovery that you have. While not every medical provider will do this, it’s more likely that they will if you’re represented by an attorney.

Why Am I Getting Letters From Medicare Or My Insurance Company Saying I Have To Pay Them Back?

If you receive letters from your insurance company or Medicare saying that you have to pay them back, it’s likely because they paid out expenses that they now have a right to be reimbursed for if you recover from somebody else. Medicare will always have a right to recover, and they have what’s known as a “super lien” on any related accident payments.

If you’re unrepresented, you will have to fight through the Medicare reimbursement process. However, if you’re represented by an attorney, they can handle this for you. An attorney can also help reduce your obligation back to Medicare or your insurance company, which can benefit you in your recovery.

Maryland law requires health insurance plans to reduce by the same percentage of attorney’s fees, typically one third. Medicare also has provisions built in that they will reduce if you’re represented by an attorney. It’s important to make sure that these entities are taken care of so that nobody comes back to you afterwards and says that you owe them money. An attorney can deal with these issues on your behalf. For more information on Insurance In A MD Personal Injury Claim, an initial consultation is your next best step.

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